Jan 23, 2009

I don't have a creative name for this one yet

I love the idea of synergy...
   /ˈsɪnərdʒi/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [sin-er-jee] Show IPA Pronunciation
–noun, plural -gies.
1. combined action or functioning; synergism.
2. the cooperative action of two or more muscles, nerves, or the like.
3. the cooperative action of two or more stimuli or drugs.

This, to me, is how the small businesses of the world start out. We start with one idea, but have to market it. We have to figure out what our demographic is - who wants to buy our products, or services for that matter. I think as new business people we try to reinvent the wheel by looking for different ways to sell to our customers, when all along our competition has been paving the way for us. It's simple. Tap into the customer base of a complimentary company. Someone with the same focus as you.

Why am I talking about this you ask??? Because of course I want to promote my products, but sometimes (I so sadly admit) customers aren't always going to be on the prowl for Monkey-Toes, who knows maybe they just bought some, yet I still need an excuse to keep in touch with them, keep them excited about opening my emails and keep them from not reporting me as SPAM (eeks). So, my idea was simple - SYNERGIZE with manufacturers of products that I admire and that have the same customers. I will promote them and they promote us. Simple! If anything, it promotes brand awareness amongst people you had no idea were out there.

So here goes - a fabulous gift guide - in which I will be adding to over the next few weeks leading up to the big V-Day...and they have all given me special discount codes...and what's even better is that many of these companies are GIVING AWAY THEIR STUFF!!!! So stay tuned (yes, you will have a little work to do if you wanna win). See the complete email blast here.

These really are wonderful, high quality products. So I highly recommend that you go check them out, and buy them for you, your kiddos, the spouse/significant other, grandma, grandpa, you catch my drift. (Disclaimer - -No, I did not get paid for this announcement, nor did I even receive free samples to try, we are not affiliates - this is a true, legit endorsement by me, Jenny Ford, owner of Monkey-Toes - "I just plain LOVE this stuff!").

  1. Ambajam - Jumbo Cuddle Blankets - so soft and fuzzy an entire day of cuddling will go by before you know it - 15% off Jumbo Cuddle Blankets through Feb - Promo code:VDAY15
  2. Red Carpet Gift Boutique - Itty Bitty Personalized Necklace - these are so sweet and the perfect gift for the new mom - or heck, even Grandma might love to have one with the grandkids initials on it! 10% off your order through Feb - Promo code - PROMO10
  3. Baby Candy Store - Candy Wrapped Valentine's Tees - thankfully this candy is fat free but HIGH in SH-UGA. 15% off your order - Promo code - ILOVECANDY
  4. The Pepper Kids - Swiss Chocolate Truffles - Chocolate. Enough said. 10% off Swiss Chocolate Truffles - Promo code - MTOES (and by the way, my mouth is watering!)
  5. Monkey-Toes - LUV Bug Mary Janes - OK, I have to shamelessly plug my own products and of course give you an AMAZING discount code, right? But truly, what little girl doesn't love pink, purple, hearts and glitter? Show me one and I will...(fill in the blank). $10 off your order through V-Day - Promo code - MTVDAY09
Seriously, support these businesses people. The economy is bad enough and with all the CPSIA stuff we have to deal with, we NEED to support each other. Buy something, stimulate the economy, and stay tuned, we will have 5 more great gifts next week!!!

Have a biz question? Just wanna say 'Hi'? Simply submit a comment.

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The Domestic Diva Wanna-Be said...

Hi :)
I am curious if you plan on adding bigger sizes for older kids. I have a 5 year old I would love to get the Silly Monkey shoes for but they are too small.

I love your products, they are incredibly adorable.

Thanks for your time.

the pearson ANTiCS said...

i love your ideas! when did monkey-toes begin?? :)

Kara said...

I'm just curious how CPSIA is going to affect your company. Will we still be able to get monkey toes? I sure hope so.

TheFancyFritter said...

Hi! I love your shoes! How did you come up with Monkey Toes Boutique for a name? It is so cute!

Marla H. said...

Will you be making shoe sizes for older kids? I have a 6 year old girl and may be interested in bigger shoe sizes!

mhode79 at gmail dot com

Grateful for Grace said...

I'm here from the Bloggie Carnival Giveaway... I accidentally sent my Q to your email, when I was supposed to leave it here. Sorry!
My Q is this:
Can the Pound Pal Mary Janes be made on the light brown instead of white?

pestkaj said...

Love your products- and I am also wondering when bigger sizes might show up?

Karenladd said...

Are you planning to offer more in the Mary Jane styles?? I just LOVE them!