May 1, 2009

I suck at blogging

Yep! I admit it, I suck at blogging. And though I try really hard, somehow I completely forgot at one point that I even had a blog. I am not bragging, but I do pretty well on Twitter and Facebook, maybe it's the short updates? Sounds like a therapy session to me.

Let's catch up...What's new with you? How's the family? The business? Etc...

What's new with me you ask? I am 8 1/2 weeks pregnant! And honestly I never thought this day would come. If you know my story, I have two daughters (now 7 and 8). I was a single mother for about 4 years when I met my now husband (in a nutshell, he was my neighbor). Who knew that this amazing man would sweep me and my daughters off our feet! But I thank God for him every day, he has been such an amazing blessing to not only me but our now daughters.

Do you have a similar single mom story? Please, please, please share it with me!

I honestly didn't think that we'd be having children together. I am a lot for a single guy to handle - a single mom with a business & instant family. But here you go, we've gone and done it (literally and figuratively :)).

So, that is what has been on my plate. Nausea, crazy food cravings, sleeping all the time... And I am counting down the weeks until the first "fun"-mester is complete!

I feel like such a lucky girl....

Oh and if you are an awesome mom in Denver - join me at Soiree in the City. This fabulous event is 4 hours packed full of Sweets, Sips and Shopping - and even some major pampering too! Proceeds benefit The Champa House, which helps single moms. Tix are only $18. See ya Sunday!


Tiffany @ Lattes And Life said...

Nice to finally "see" you!! (I'm give_me_a_latte on twitter!!).

Jeanne Oliver said...

We used to live in the same neighborhood in Castle Rock. I am so happy for your success and your and your sweet girls deserve this!