Jun 4, 2010

(FFF) In case you were wondering

The crazy thing about hair is it can make or break you...your mood that is.  I know that if I've just had my hair done, I don't want to go home because it will seem like a waste.  I try to schedule more to do afterward to show off the lovely locks - lunch with a friend, dinner out, etc.  I love a good hair product and I've been wondering about the new line of goodies from, yes, Goody (@GoodyHair).

So I did it, I made a last minute decision to run to Target to check out the Goody selection, with mainly one item on my hair (ok, mind) - the Spin Pins.  I was thinking that a cute, messy, loose, up-do would be adorable with the dress I was planning to wear. 

Two words - loved them!  I've got fairly fine hair, but lots of it, so it took some hairspray and teasing (Texas style) to get the pins stuck into my hair in a way that I wouldn't be fidgiting with them all night.  But it was SUPER easy.  I even threw a braid in for a little more dimension.   

All in all, I am thrilled with my $6 purchase and will be using them again...just in case you were wondering about these...

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Debi said...

Oohh. I have long fine hair too but tons of it. I always wear it up thanks to the convience if it. These look great. Thanks for the recommendation.