Jun 17, 2010

Mom of the Month - June!

Of all the hats I wear on a daily basis, the one that I'm most proud of, which challenges me the most, but also brings me the most reward, is the Mom hat.  (Well, and wifey too, but only 1 person can give out that award).  So I was thrilled, flabbergasted and honored (yes, all the at the same time) when Cupcake Mag/Sprinkles (@cupcakemag) offered me the title of Mom of the Month for June.  We absolutely adore Cupcake Mag/Sprinkles (Casi) for her delicious style, the Etsy finds (addicted), and the love and support Casi offers me on a daily basis.  Plus I think she thinks I'm the funniest person in the world and laughs at all my jokes, which totally makes me a fan of hers.

 Read "A Day in the life of Moi!" over at Cupcake Mag/Sprinkles. And if you're so inclined, follow the blog, you WON'T regret it!!

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