Jul 15, 2010

What goes with Monkey-Toes

I've got a boy now, and since he can't wear dresses (obviously) during the summer I am all about ROMPERS!  They just look so comfy on little tykes.  I found the most adorable rompers from Tea Collection and guess what?  They match with Monkey-Toes!!

How adorable is this... 
...and better yet, the romper is on SALE for $17.50 (reg $25) online at Tea Collection .

What do you love dressing your kiddos in in the summer?


Deidrea - Hot Mama Gowns said...

I LOVE those rompers!! I used to dress my son in them all the time during the crawling/toddling stages. But at this stage in the game, at 2, he'd much rather be naked than in any clothes! But I guess Monkey-Toes go just as well with "nude"!! And my 4 year old LOVES dresses!! Don't know why I spent any money on shorts/capris and any non-dress item, since she picks a dress every morning!!

monkey-toes said...

BTW, Follow Tea Collection on Twitter at @TeaCollection

twolittletots said...

I love the Tea Collection! Just love it and I can't wait to get some great fall outfits for the girls.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Cute family!