Nov 22, 2010

I love stuff that screams WINTER!

I really do love this time of year.  To me it means SNOW and not that I really like to hang out in the snow, it's pretty ironic actually - I can't stand being cold.  But I do love waking up to a fresh blanket of snow.  And I love SNOW DAYS!  (AKA pajama days and no schedule).  I love sweaters and boots and I really love dressing the kiddos in winter wear.  Can you tell I'm a little overly excited?

Monkey Toes teamed up with some fabulous companies to create adorable outfits for the kiddos.  Kota Couture (@KotaCouture) and Cutie Pa Tutus (@cutiepatutus).  Love these ladies - and their products aren't too shabby either!

Our "Brrrrrr" Collection
For the Boys

 For the Girls

And the "Sleigh Driver" Collection -

For the Boys
And here are the shopping details!

"Brrrr" Collection
Brrrr Holiday Tee by Kota Couture
Shivers the Snowman Tennis Shoes or Mary Janes by Monkey Toes
Snowflake Pa Tutu by Cutie Pa Tutus

"Sleigh Driver" Collection
Rowdy Reindeer Tennis Shoes or Mary Janes by Monkey Toes
Sleigh Driver Pa Tutu by Cutie Pa Tutus (and tee as a set)

Which is your favorite look?  And what's YOUR favorite thing about winter??


Sweet Harper said...

So much cuteness!

Lindsey Muth said...

My fave? Well it has to be the Brrrrr collection for the boys! So so cute!

And I'm with you on bundling up and being inside looking out on the snow days. It's the BEST!