Dec 6, 2010

Who's gonna be ONE-DERFUL???

So aside from the Christmas rush around here - I am embarking on the magical journey of planning a 1 year old's birthday party...YEP!  O is just weeks away from 1!  So of course I am going to be spending every extra moment I have (and by "extra" - I mean my sleep time) to work on the details of his party. 

I cannot hold back any longer - I've gotta show you some of the adorable-ness (my made-up word of the day) that Anders Ruff has created for little O's birthday party. They have, literally, MADE the details!

The Invite...

I love a good mix CD and I love to share them too! 
Of course I will be blogging about the entire party, but I just could not help myself, I had to share a few things.  More to come!  In the meantime, go check out Anders Ruff the Etsy Store and the Blog!  You won't be disappointed :)

What was your kiddos 1st Birthday party themed as?


Rajean said...

The CD is such a cute idea for a young uns party favor!

Lindsey Muth said...

Umm, farm theme of course! Great minds think alike :) And your O's invites are about 1000 times cuter than my O's handmade ones were!

Ok, so let's talk cake. I want pics and I want lots of them! Here is Otto's:

Wish we could be there to crash the party! Happy Big #1 to Oscar!