Aug 24, 2011

Business feature on Andreea Ayers

Ever dream of crafting away and making a business out of it?  Or heck, maybe you're already doing it, but want to grow it larger?  I will have you know, that's actually how I started.  I've learned a lot along the way and am always excited to share the information I've learned with budding entrepreneurs too (the enthusiasm for business is truly contagious).  Seriously, ask me anything, I've probably been there and done that!

I was recently interviewed by Andreea Ayers, a lady who, by the looks of her site, has her business sense together.  She interviews entrepreneurs all the time and is always sharing such a wealth of information - where was she when I was getting up and running?  Oh well, at least you have her now.

In this feature, I tell you all about wholesaling, how to do it and why you would do it (it's just like diversifying your portfolio).  Go check it out, it's a quick, yet useful, read.

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andreea said...

it was great learning from you! thanks for taking the time to answer my questions :)