Dec 1, 2011

Gift Guide

Gift guides are one of my favorite things this time of year.  They open you up to companies and products you may not have know about had you not seen them, all collected in a nice little guide.  Monkey Toes has been honored to be in several gift guides this season, and I really wanted to return the love, each day highlighting, some of my favorite women owned brands.  I love supporting smaller businesses, but even better is I love finding that gift that is special and reminds me of the person I'm giving it to. Ahhh, giving feels so good!

Each day I will add a new favorite to the list, so keep checking back for new goodies!

Day 1 - 
Alexa's Angels
Not only do I love the message this company is sending out, but I'm slightly biased too because it's here in Colorado.  I can tell you their pieces are beautiful and meaningful and who wouldn't love that?
Don't tell my daughters, but I bought this set of 3 Positivity bracelets - one for each of my daughters and I get to keep one too!  Win-Win-Win!
Set of 3 - $9

Day 2 - 
JP Lizzy
Wendy, the owner, is one of my biz pals.  I love her - she is super sweet, so smart and has an amazing sense of style.  We met while launching our businesses and have been friends ever since.  As much as I love her as a person, I flip for her bags - can you believe it?! This is a diaper bag.... it's not your mama's diaper bag, folks - it's edgier. 
I'm sure you know of a mama (or mama to be, or yourself) who would adore something from her collection - like the NEW Peppermint Satchel. And honestly even if you're not in the market for a diaper bag, these function as a handbag too - no one will be the wiser.  Isn't it the cutest?

Day 3 - 
Ali of Ambajam is another business friend who is just as sweet as pie - and she's so business savvy too.  (hello, Oprah's Favorite Things 2009)
Cuddling with marshmallows is the only way to describe these blankies. You'll find something that suits babies or grown babies who just love to snuggle with softness.  Wish you could feel them through your computer screen, but just trust me on this one.
Ranges - $27-85

Day 4
Amy Cornwell Designs  
Today's gift comes from Amy Cornwell Designs - her designs are so adorable and sweet that not only did I add one to my list, but we've purchased a few items from her for gifts as well.  
Know someone who just got engaged?  MEN: I swear your woman would love this little beauty.  The price is so good it makes an adorable stocking stuffer too.  Amy's got plenty of designs and options for anyone on your list.

Day 5
Lindsay Phillips 
Such an innovative Mom/Daughter team, Lindsay Phillips started this company in high school as a class art project - ceramic flip flops.  Her mom believed in her idea and loaned her the funds to get the start up going, hence building a multi-million dollar company.  Such an inspiring woman and adorable designs - I'm in awe every time I see what's new.

Though it's tough to pick a favorite, this sweet trio is the perfect starter set and gift for any shoe lover.   With interchangeable snaps you can change out the snaps to coordinate with any of your outfits - genius!

Day 6
What happens when you're on a trip and the kids say "are we there yet?" or "I'm bored" - though you'd like to say "suck it up" that might not be as effective as you'd like.  Enter TravelKiddy (founded by Jennifer Untermeyer) - born out of necessity after toting kiddos on trips of over 27 hours.  YIKES!
Kits come in various age ranges and unique to gender.  What an amazing gift for anyone who has little ones and whether they're traveling to other countries, or just heading to the Dr's office, they'll surely thank you...and so will their sanity!
Ranges $30-60

Day 6
Ellia C Naturals
Whether you're looking for a great hostess gift, stocking stuffers for the kids, or needing to pamper yourself - Jen, the beauty behind the company, has something indulgent for you.  This company was born out of necessity when her son had horrible skin issues.  Trying to avoid harsh prescriptions, she was striving to find something that would sooth his skin, making both baby and mama happy.

I personally love her gift sets, which give you a sampling of her best soaps.  Once you've used them all you can reorder your favorite in a larger size. 

Day 8
The Preppy Poppy
Angela, the sweetest little southern girl you'll ever meet, has a fabulous eye for fashion, home interiors and embroidery (my fave combos!).  I love everything she personalizes on her site so it's hard to pick a favorite.  But since I have too....
I love personalizing, well, pretty much everything - especially goodies for the kids.  Angela has a stock of pint sized pillows for the kiddies too.  What a great Baby's First Christmas gift, she can personalize the back making it an adorable keepsake. Take note:  The Preppy Poppy has two sites that you can obsess over - The Preppy Poppy & Etsy. 

Day 9
Lola's Sugar Rush
Colorado favorite “sweet” spot, Lola’s Sugar Rush, is a must see while in town.  I know not everyone is here in Denver, but you can order her sweets online.  Lola is absolutely in love with sugar (and sweet as pie to boot) and knows her candy.  Whether it's new candy or retro, everyone has a magical memory of childhood sweets. 

This is a gift for that sweet tooth in your life – you’ve got one in mind right now, don't you?!  Though Lola's has tons of great sugary candy baskets, this one is the “Colorado Gift Basket” – filled to the brim with Colorado favorites.  Drooling yet?   Send it directly to the recipient because if it arrives at your house, it might not make it out the door intact.
$29.99 + free shipping for the holidays

Day 10
Ridgeline Artisans 

This one is a family affair, my family created this amazing jewelry site.  When you purchase a piece of jewelry from RA you’re actually supporting a woman in a 3rd world country run a business and feed her family.  It’s completely feel good, and look good too! Each uniquely hand-crafted piece of jewelry has a story behind it. 

These beauties come to you from Thailand, created from waxed cotton thread and black pearls (I LOVE black pearls).  They’re intricately woven to create a star affect, which is fun for any “star” on your list.

Day 11 
Busy Breathers, LLC  
This company blossomed from Michelle's own necessity when her son was born prematurely.  Between lugging the diaper bag, her frail son, and the oxygen tank an idea was "born" - an easier way to carry it all together.  

Give the gift of hands free help.  Whether you know an older adult who uses an oxygen tank or someone with a young child who's mom could use some extra hands between all the gear - it will be the most thoughtful gift you give. 

Day 12
I'm slightly obsessed with this one, every month for only $10 delivered to your door is a special little box filled with beauty samples.  I'm talking about sample-sized lip glosses, mud masks, the latest perfume scents and that's just been my first box.
I love this!  Makes me feel like I'm getting to sample out the most luxurious new finds on the market.  Love a product you received?  Just click the website and order for yourself, all while earning beauty points.

Day 13
Swaddle Designs
Though we've never met in person, we have chatted via social media several times.  Lynette Damir, RN and founder of Swaddle Designs, seems just as sweet and cuddly as her company - Swaddle Designs.  
Lynette makes the art of "baby-burrito-ing" simple and fashionable with instructions on every blanket.  And when you're knee deep in spit up - it's nice to have the adorable burp cloths scattered around the house at an arms length - they fit right in with your decor.  This is a great gift for any baby-to-be.  I truly loved mine.
Gift Set - $64

Day 14 
Jones Design Company
Daily I lust after Emily's creations, this is one blog I make time to read daily.  Not only is she gifted at interior design, but her prints and downloads are stunning as well.  This is the gift for your gifts.  (silly me)

Best part?  They're free.  Give your gifts a spruce up gift and print these adorable gift tags for all of your presents this year.  Should you want to purchase something from the JDC collection, I encourage you to do that too.  Oh and while you're there - sign up to receive her daily posts, you will love it!

Day 15 - last day!
Silhouette Blue
Simple, yet whimsical, designs are what keep me coming back to this paperie to purchase personalized stationary for my family members.  
The tough part is choosing a design that suits the recipient, they're all so cute.   I also wouldn't mind having a set for myself. (hint, hint)


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