May 6, 2012

Nominate US?

Asking for a little help here....

Forgive me for making an assumption here, but I'm going to assume that since you're reading my blog, you actually really, really like our products? You love adorable shoes, especially brightly colored with cute little critters on the toes?  Maybe you really love the no-tie laces, which means that you don't have to tie shoes - or put your kiddo in the car (or stroller) with tied shoes only to have them come out of the car with untied shoes (sheesh, annoying).  Or maybe you're a huge fan of being able to find your kiddos at the park because the soles of their shoes leave a trail through the sandbox?

Anyway, assuming all of this, we'd love your help in getting nominated for an Earnie Award.  Maybe you've never heard of the magazine Earnshaw's? That's totally ok, I bet 90% of you have never heard of the children's industry trade magazine, unless of you course you have a business in that industry.  Anywhooooo - whether you've heard of it or not, I'd really love for Monkey Toes to show up on that ballot this year.  Like, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY love for that to happen.

Of course, I'd love for Monkey Toes to win, but I'll pretend to be all nonchalant like actors at the Grammy's when they say "oh just being nominated is reward enough" blah, blah, blah.  But no, really, it would mean a TON to be recognized amongst some pretty fabulous brands that are usually nominated.

Please spread the word by Tweeting, Pinning, Facebooking, Google+ing and whatever else you're into (it's really easy to do with the buttons below).  From this little entrepreneurial mama to you, THANK YOU!

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taradara said...

done ... I get their magazine!