Jul 3, 2012

Dinner Conversation

We do eat dinner at the table together every night.  There's no TV on, there's typically good conversation, but mostly it's - "Oscar stop throwing your food, throw it in your mouth", "TATE GET OUT OF THE KITCHEN" (Tate is our dog who begs, badly), or "that's not appropriate dinner conversation".  But mostly all the chaos winds down at our dinner, after prayers are said, when everyone starts shoving their faces full of yummy home cooked food.

We attended a new church last Sunday.  As we checked Oscar into the childcare they handed us a bag of goodies - true to myself, I dug for snacks first.  When I found there wasn't any (shucks) I did look through some of the usual paraphernalia, the About Us pamphlet, the church schedule for the rest of the month, a full sized New Testament Bible, and this....

Accidentally leaving it out on the table after going through the bag again last night, my daughter Ella found it and was instantly mesmerized by the whirly thing.  I think those are a natural magnet to kids, who doesn't love spinning that arrow over and over again to see where it lands? The possibilities are endless really.

What I love is that it sparked such a great dinner conversation last night.  We were able to tell each other what we liked best about our family.  Our family isn't traditional - my daughters have a Dad they stay with every weekend, so our house is the house that is regimented Monday through Friday, plus we have a two year old's schedule to contend with.  They run all weekend long at their Dad's house doing fun things and we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to keep up with that, well, we did.  We found out what they really think of that.  It was good to hear.  

If your kids are old enough to have conversations with, I highly recommend having something like this sit at the table.  It's fun, lighthearted, and gets everyone talking about more than just "Oscar, I don't like being hit with your spaghetti.  That's not very nice".

I tried to find this particular board online (I think it was made up by the church), still searching.  I have eyed these for a long time.  

How is your nightly dinner conversation?

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Dari said...

If you find them, please let me know or maybe we can repurpose our twister spinner.

We always say what was your best thing? worst thing? about the day - but having something to spur better conversation would be fabulous! Especially as they head so rapidly toward teenagers...