Jul 9, 2012

Tips: The toddler battle

I love my little guy to pieces, I'm actually quite thrilled that he is such a good-natured little guy.  I wonder how much of that is being relaxed as a parent or the way he was born.  I like to believe that... 
Agree?  Me too!

BUT, there is that part of toddlerhood which really tests my patience - the "I do its".  (Note: I'm working on my control-freakish ways) When that comes flying out of his mouth you know that any activity is going to take 309 minutes longer than if you just did it yourself.  Though you're caught in a Catch 22, you want them to learn, but it's just faster to do it yourself.  

I've found that the way I talk to him changes everything (duh, right?).  And I don't want this to sound like a huge self-promoting commercial for Monkey Toes (though I've gotta make my way too), but I do want to share with you one way that I've found gets the "I do it" job done faster.  

Take for example getting to the car, when his attention span is about 3 seconds.  He's sidetracked by everything.. Buggy on the floor, cars that he just put down, the dog that he's trying to ride.   

My trick?  I slap on his Leap Frogs and tell him to get hoppin'.  "What does a froggy do, Oscar?  He hops!  Hop! Hop! Hop! To the car we go!!"  He's usually all smiles while he's doing it and too busy looking down at his feet to notice any other distractions.  I swear it works every. single. time.  Why didn't I think of that sooner? 

You could totally do this with any of the shoes I designed.

How do you get your kiddos moving?  

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Lavender Luz said...

TOTally agree. Adoption brings an additional aspect to the notion!

(I love my children's birth moms -- the kids get all sorts of awesomeness from them!)