Dec 11, 2008

falling off the face of the earth... oh ya, and OPRAH

Yep! It's official, I have fallen off the face of the earth (the blog). Thankfully, I am in pretty good shape and found my way back. Though I am still buried and covered in dirt and grim (work and more work). I am sorry, but don't say I didn't warn you below,I have the tendency for randomness and welp, you're seeing it first hand.

So I have some pretty fabulous news (and peeps who commented on the biz stuff, I promise I will get back to you in my next post, but this was an emergency posting). The news is, OPRAH's interview with Tom Cruise at his home in Telluride, CO (just a hop, skip and jump from my casa) is being shown again tomorrow (Friday December 12, 2008 - check your local listings here -

This, as you might recall, is where both Tom Cruise and Oprah Winfrey gave our Little Ladybug Mary Janes props. Tommy (as I like to call my new BFF) even said they were Suri's favorite ladybug shoes!

So, I bet what most of you are pondering is "How ever did Suri Cruise get Monkey-Toes???" and "How ever can I get my products in the hands of Suri Cruise? (one of the most influencial celebtots in the WORLD - insane!)" I am a mind reader too, BTW.

Well, I teamed up with a great lady - Katja Presnal (@katjapresnal if you tweet) who is making her (BIG) mark in the social networking/marketing/pr arena. You can read more about her amazing journey on her blog - ( or on her website Katja owns Ladybug Landings, a concept created to teach small business and mainly mompreneurs how to conduct business. Her philosophy is keeping in mind that businesses are run by people and relationships matter the most.

It's a really lengthy story, but in a nutshell, Katja knew people who knew the Cruises' and knew they would be in Telluride for Christmas (2007). So she gathered many businesses to create a beautiful gift basket for them, obviously we donated to the cause. Well, this gift basket was opened at the Christmas party in front of many hi-profile people - one being the Armani's (eeks! gives me chills). They all flipped over the great stuff included in the basket. Well, who could have known that they were going to end up on, a little t.v. show we know as OPRAH! JACKPOT!

I owe Katja (and God of course) for that amazing exposure. Have you had success with celebrity gifting? Tell me your story here...

Check out our latest promo here (um, bribe, there's a nice little code as your reward :))

(PS - look below to find matching ladybug hats too - they are flippin adorable -


Jeanne Oliver said...

I have loved your shoes for my little ones and was thrilled for you when I saw you on Oprah months ago. I just found your site and I am looking forward to reading more and hearing your advice to small business owners.

tlcfromtn said...

I came from crazyadventuresinparenting. This is an awesome story! And the shoes are all so adorable!

Monkey Toes said...

New blog and see who won something from my prize closet!!! :)