Aug 22, 2012

Business: Optimism

Do you often wonder if optimism is a bad thing? Honestly, I do.  I start thinking about a great idea, and then instantly take myself back to other great ideas that presumably failed.  I get myself worked up over things that, I think, will be a huge success and then I'm let down when it isn't as big of a success as I thought it would or should be.  Do you do that?

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can't --

you're right.” 

I think most entrepreneurs have the optimism gene in them, otherwise they would fail,  quickly.  Not that failing is a bad thing, sometimes failure can be the path to opening a new door for you.  

I admit, I don't stay in that place of pessimism for too long, I can't, it's not who I am.  But I just want you to know that you're not alone.  And I want you to take a moment, eat a piece of chocolate or down an energy drink, and carry on with your bad-ass self.  Seriously.  

You ARE what makes this world tick.  Without you, no new products or businesses would be brought to market.  Without YOU there would be no paving the {faith} way for others and no stories to tell about great entrepreneurs - that list goes to infinity.

Keep up the positivity!

Update:  When I got in the car, literally right after hitting "publish", I heard this song on the radio.  Thought it was totally fitting for this topic.  

- Jenny

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