Nov 20, 2007

Log me in...

this is my very first posting ever. i'd love to know what you all want to hear about or have me share. some of you may or may not know the story of Monkey-Toes (, my shoe and sock company. ask me anything! i am completely candid and have a really hard time sensoring myself, so shoot!

talk amongst yourselves, i'll give you a topic...

What do you honestly think about our new products? what more/less would you like to see? share anything about yourself too, what did you have for dinner last night? what are you doing now? i'd like to know more about you too.


Harmony said...

Wohoo! I'm the first to post a comment!

I have no idea how I found your website (isn't that always the way?) but we just received our bee shoes and LOVE them! My mom ordered them for my daughter's Halloween costume!

Awesome, awesome, AWESOME! They're seriously so cute and fun (and can totally be worn past Halloween) I cannot WAIT for costume time!

If anyone wants to learn, I'm going to post a tutorial next week on my blog on how to make a no-sew tutu to go with her fabulous shoes!

(man, this discussion is kind of lame all on my own. Just sayin'!) :-)

Monkey Toes said...

send pics!!!!! i will post them.

Anonymous said...

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