Oct 27, 2008

just shy of a year later...i write again. i think this blogging thing has been like scrapbooking for me - an overwhelming task and i have no idea where to start. so i am posting for our Halloween Costume Contest.

we have the best contest EVER! when your kiddo takes the gold (we are thinking positive for everyone here, you're welcome) they have the chance at $25, $50 or $100 in our online store! that's insane!!! (i know that's what you are thinking) maybe we are, but we LOVE our customers and the kiddos who love our shoes.

here are the details -
All entries must be wearing a costume and Monkey-Toes.

Entries must be sent to info@monkey-toes.com by midnight (EST) Nov 10 and include the following information –

  • Permission to use the digital image

  • Digital image

  • Parent's name

  • Email

  • Phone

  • Child's name

  • Child's age

Everyone is a winner! $5 coupon for any Monkey-Toes.com products - for all entries (you must have a complete entry though)

Prizes for the top 3 selections – 3rd place - $25 gift certificate for Monkey-Toes.com, 2nd place - $50 gift certificate for Monkey-Toes.com, 3rd place - $100 gift certificate for Monkey-Toes.com

Monkey-Toes and MomToBeDepot.com’s Lauri Harrison will be judging all entries. Winners will be notified by Friday November 14, 2008
In the meantime, shop online and receive free shipping from now until Halloween (October 31) – “HBLOG10”



Kasey said...

oh, come on. blogging is so much fun.

Anonymous said...

I'm not computer literate. You asked about people with small businesses to blog but I saw no responses. Is this the place? Ihave a small business ... gift boutique....we carry everything and it's difficult to eliminate a thing because people come in for just about anything.....high end look but we have reasonable to upscale prices. How do you generate more visitors to your store with no walk-by traffic. Advertising is too expensive,...word of mouth is the best but what else? I don't know who to contact about learning how to send out e-mail offers. Do they really work? Postcards??

Monkey Toes said...

thank you so much for your comments! Kasey - I am working hard to make it fun! and am starting to enjoy it.

Anonymous - Thanks for your comment. Though I do not have a retail store, I am guessing that this is a challenge for those who do. My first thought is to look at your space as not only a store but a physical location. Think outside the box - can your local mommy group meet there? Do you know someone who specializes in kid art or something that they can teach in your store. Think of co-oping with someone who has a similar demographic, where you can share your lists and both generate customers. This will help your contact list growing. ALWAYS keep track of your customers, names, addresses and use them! Put your website or contact information on everything.

I like to use email blasts to keep people informed. The great thing about the email blasts is that it is cheap, as your list grows, the cost grows too, but at that point hopefully you are generating enough to cover it (and honestly mine is not over $100/month with over 7000 contacts). Staying in front of your customers, and consistently, is probably the most valuable tool. You want them to think of you when they are looking to purchase a gift.

That is the first thought that comes to mind. Does anyone else have anything they'd like to add? How do you get customers through your doors??? What have been challenges you've faced as you opened your store doors?