Oct 29, 2008

OMG! 2 new posts in 1 week...

Hello again! It's me, Jenny.

I was just working on a project (a video actually, I will tell you more later) and I was wondering, how many of you out there have a business? Small, Large, whatever, a business that you work your butt off on?

I ask, because I wonder what your outlook is. I wonder if we all feel the same way, if we have the same questions. I get offers to go to coffee to pick my brain a lot - there are a TON of people starting up businesses daily, minutely (I know that's not a word, but it fit), etc. I was thinking that this might be a really nice forum for you to ask any questions and share your own advice. Product questions, business questions, personal questions, etc. NOT that I know everything, cuz I absolutely don't - if I did, I would be sitting up on a pedestal somewhere shouting out crazy facts or something. Anyway, this eliminates the need for coordinating schedules, figuring out a place to meet, spending money on overpriced coffee (even though, I love it), and on and on. If we could just have one giant forum where everyone can contribute, it could help everyone - even me!

But, here's where you come in... you gotta write! Help me out here. Topics anyone?

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