Nov 3, 2008


In this election season (tomorrow is not soon enough), everyone is worried and especially those who are growing a business. I know a TON of people with small businesses and most of them are more luxury items then necessity items. I was just thinking about something a speaker told me - If you want to succeed - turn off the TV, cancel your subscriptions to all newspapers and magazines (ok, maybe not the smutty ones - uh hem, US Weekly, my fav) and ignore anything anyone is saying. Easier said then done, for sure!

I totally believe it though. If we subscribe to a bad economy, or anything negative about ourselves, and figure that our business or finances or whatever it is that you struggle with, is going to get bad - well then it will! If you change your mindset to believe that you/your business/your finances can overcome this, you will. I tried changing my mantra - which whenever I am feeling down about something or unmotivated, I repeat positive things to myself. It is amazing how much it works.

Henry Ford - "Whether You Believe You Can, Or You Can't, You Are Right"

My most recent example - I have had amazing media attention (Hello, Oprah, Suri Cruise, enough said). But from time to time it will slow down and I definitely get antsy. So one day (over the summer), I began repeating, in my head, not outloud like a crazy person - "Press comes to me. The media is always writing about us." I have been amazed at the amount of press that has contacted me directly, without the prompting of me! Examples - recently wrote about us, Trista Sutter (the Bachelorette) sent us a Thank You note and a picture of her little boy Max with his shoes - more to come, one in Austrailia mid-month, the other in a major mag in Feb.

What is your mantra? Have you seen it work? Who knows, you could be helping me, or someone write!
PS..i am totally excited about the costume contest! we have already gotten some adorable pics.

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