Nov 10, 2008

last day...

Well peeps, it is the final day to submit your kid (obviously, the cutest kid EVER) for our Halloween Costume Contest. We truly do not know how we are going to be able to decide on a winner - we have received so many cute submissions! That's why I am giving the big task to Lauri Harrison of Check out her site, she is fabulous! She is even blogging for the big online mag Working Mother. Contest details are down on the October 27 entry (if I were really with it, I would know exactly how to link back to that entry, but give me a break folks, this is only entry #5ish).

FYI, this pic is a professional picture - isn't she adorable? Meet Izzy, the daughter of photographer for JustB Photography, Syd Cymbala. She is doing amazing work. In fact, if you live in Denver, she is having some holiday mini sessions on November 15, you can contact me or her on the website for the details.

So, also in the news for Monkey-Toes was our latest find - Tori Spellings little tot wearing our Monkey-Toes Buzzy Bees socks! It is always shocking when you stumble upon a picture of a celeb's kiddo wearing your stuff.

(Image courtesy of Celebrity Baby Blog/WireImage/Jordan Strauss)

Remember the whole positive thinking??? It worked again! Even though, I have to be completely honest, the day after I wrote that blog entry, I swear some supernatural power beats you down for thinking positive, I was horribly stressed out (even lost it emotionally for about 5 minutes)!!! And I kept thinking, there is bound to be an amazing break through if I am feeling this way. And guess what?! Tori Spellings Kiddo, next day! Plus a few other really amazing things, which can't be discussed at the moment....:)

Does that happen to you too? Thinking positive sometimes leads you to temporary depression, but in the end something wonderful comes out of it? Sounds confusing, but I am guessing that if you've experienced it, you know EXACTLY what I mean.... (your comment here...i feel like i am talking to myself :))

See ya Friday with the contest winners!

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