Nov 24, 2008

Let's do coffee!

I am always flattered when I receive an email from ambitious, budding, entrepreneurs, wanting to get started. It's crazy how their demeanor changes from the beginning of a meeting with their list of questions (all organized like) happy and sunshiney (is that a word?), and by the end of the meeting they look like a deer in headlights, big eyes, all pastey white. With the "To Do's" and the "To Don'ts" adding up. It can get confusing and overwhelming. Shoot, even I get overwhelmed thinking about EVERY.LITTLE.THING that needs to be done, and Monkey-Toes has been going for 6 years now. So folks, if you think it gets easier, you're crazy!

So I came up with this idea... I want to use this blog as an open forum to talk about business. Yes, from time to time, I will still add my own random $.02 (did you know there is no cents sign on the keyboard??), celeb sightings, new product, deep thoughts by Jenny Ford, etc. But I really LOVE helping people out - the prob is that there is just not enough time in the day to meet with everyone.

I will have some guest bloggers from time to time to answer the questions that I cannot or do not know an answer to - especially the money stuff - numbers and I wrestle, we do not get along.

If you want to remain annonymous, email directly at

So, grab your cup of coffee and let's get started... what will be the first topic? Ask a question and I will blog about it...Go ahead, don't be shy :)


This is a disclaimer - read carefully - please note that I am not the master entrepreneur, I do not give myself that title, I am still a living, breathing, business owner/mom/human/woman making daily mistakes/successes, trying to run a business as best I know how. All I can offer to you is my personal experience or maybe ideas that I wish I could do. I encourage you to seek out a second opinion! And I also advocate you to chime in when you have information on a topic, feel free to challenge me as well.


Claire said...

How does a small business get started with marketing your product and/or your site?

Harmony said...

How have you used the internet to promote your business?

Have you noticed a difference in sales through using your blog and Twitter? You're so great about doing it--I always love your Twitter posts!

shanea said...

My question has to do with manufacturing. I have an idea for baby socks but I don't know where or how to have them made. How do you work with someone until the product is just as you imagined? Help! Any thoughts or knowledge is much appreciated.

Monkey Toes said...

i answered my very first question (kinda like i'm making the announcement that i peed on the potty for the first time - yay!). check it out and see if it was yours. and also, see if you won some socks!!!

hope your day is wonderful!

Monkey Toes said...

New blog and see who won something from my prize closet!!! :)