Nov 17, 2008

Well, she has a great....Personality?!

I am really trying not to be so random, but it turns out, that's just how I am... My intentions for this blog (I know, the road to hell...) was to have it really well thought out and planned; I envisioned well organized diagrams and pretty pie charts. Turns out, that's totally not how I typically behave. As much as I try with my (stacks of) To Do lists, it seems like organization is just not my "thang".

So here goes, another topic that just popped to mind...Personality. This is something that up until about a year ago, I really thought everyone lived by the same standards, the same ways of thinking (aside from boys of course, they're just silly), etc, etc.

Over the summer a took an assessment by Jane Out of the Box (

"A study, commissioned by Jane Out of the Box, shows that all women business owners, though highly dynamic individuals, can be categorized as one of five types. The distinction between the categories is based on women’s choices in balancing personal and professional needs."
If you are a woman (I guess you men could do it too -please let me know those results) I highly recommend you take this evaluation - it will help you to figure yourself out quicker, in business and in life . Maybe you'll understand yourself a little bit better -- and better yet, the crazies around you (I say that with a smile).

See my profile and even watch my snazzy video (so embarrassing to watch yourself - really). Jane Out of the Box Blog.

If you have the chance - take it and let me know what it says. Is it wrong, is it right?

Happy Monday to you!
(image courtesy of I'm Not Obsessed
This is another great celebrity find - Jennifer Garner & Violet Shopping over the weekend. Violet is wearing our Buzzy Bees socks - yippee!


Anonymous said...


I'm glad you liked your assessment ... and thanks so much for leading other women entrepreneurs (and men!) to it too. Yes, men can take it too -- but they need to realize their asssessment will come back calling them one or another type of JANE! The methodology still works, though, and as you said, there's great insight in understanding more about your type.

Also, so you know, I'm working on a special report about the five types. To thank you for taking the assessment, I'll send it your way when I'm done.

Have a great day with your to do list! I'm traveling in Chicago today, crossing items off my own.

Monkey Toes said...

Thanks for finding my post so quickly (I didn't even tell her about this post - she is THAT good!).

Folks, this is Michele, the mastermind behind this study. She is teaching invaluable information to women (ok, and men). So learn from her!

Thanks again Michele!

My Wee View said...

Hi there,

Wondering if you will have other Monkey toes shoes like poodles?


keywestbiscuit said...

Will the glow in the dark shoes be back in 2009?