Nov 15, 2008

W-Hat Fun!

You just HAVE to see what we are working on over here at M-T headquarters (this is a sneak peek). Matching hats by Lollitops USA! These little hats fit the teeny-tiniest little peanuts up to tweens. But the fun doesn't stop there because you can actually cinch these hats up to make a purse as well. Lollitops is the brainchild of Kim Spaan (mom of 3) who, on a mission to find a cute hat for her kiddo, found blah instead. (Sounds like the story of every entrepreneur, right?). The idea went even further when someone asked if they were purses - Viola! A hat that can be used two ways - how fun.

The entire collection of Lollitops USA can be seen on their website -, the sets can be purchased on our Monkey-Toes site - soon.

Whaddya think?

And check out this little tidbit...Allison Sweeney's Mama Bird/Baby bird themed baby shower which benefited St Jude Children's Hospital. She was caught red handed (ok, we actually gifted these goods to her :)) with our LUV bug gift set . It's great to see her helping out such a great cause. Looks like she received a TON of fun stuff - oh, to be a celeb!
image courtesy of Hot Moms Club and Eric Blackmon Photography

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