Oct 2, 2009

Whatever is a Pregg-o to wear?

This will be my very first year pregnant for Halloween. Well I was pregnant in past Halloweens, but didn't have kids old enough to care. I have been racking my brain thinking of unique costumes for pregnant women. I know there are many of you out there that are having the same dilemma. Even if you aren't going to a Halloween party, you may be helping out with your kiddos at their school party, answering the door for trick-or-treaters or just need something cute (but not too cute) and comfortable for the office - bummer, no naughty nurse costume this year for a waistline that's expanding (and if you are that daring, I applaud you!).

I am slightly sad because I found out that my husband is going to be working on Halloween this year :(. But it doesn't stop me from thinking of wild and crazy costumes anyway. I've explored the internet for fun ideas. Feel free to share your ideas too!

(No more fitted costumes this year... Last year my husband and I went as a Cougar and a Boy Scout. I think something more conservative this year is appropriate.)

Bella B Maternity has an adorable Pumpkin Pooch maternity tee shirt that would be perfect paired with black leggings and ballet flats. This would be a comfy costume for answering the door, or heading out to volunteer at the kiddos school. And it's on SALE for only $25.

One idea that was pointed out to me was pretty original. Simply take a white maternity tee, cut a piece of yellow felt into a circle and slap it on the belly area. Go as a fried egg. Your hubby could even dress in all brown and be a slice of bacon. Easy, and cheap too!

There are always the funny costumes and probably not appropriate for the elementary school costume party - pregnant nun, white trash, Angelina Jolie. If you are really daring (and you or someone you know have some artistic ability) and want to put the belly out there for all to see, you can have someone paint on it. Paint a beach ball on your belly (wear a bikini, brrr), fishbowl (with a cat costume), basketball (wear a sports uniform), watermelon (paired with overalls). The ideas are endless. Just think of two things that go together - and voila, you've got yourself a costume.

I'd love to see what you come up with for your costume this year.

For the kids, this week, I couldn't resist this little outfit from Hanna Anderssen. It's perfect for the entire month of October, especially when donned with our Playful Pumpkins shoes!

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