Oct 19, 2009

I cannot believe how quick time flies by

I know everyone says this, but truly I've been living my life by the week since we found out I was pregnant. The first 20 weeks were slow, now that I am at almost 32 weeks (and Lord knows my body is feeling it) and we're in the single digits the countdown is on. What does this have to do with Halloween? Welp, it's coming up quick and I need to get movin on a costume!

My daughter Ella has decided to skip out on the Water Fairy idea. I did however see a picture of one, in which I thought, "they sure are making fairies a little racy these days..." What happened to fairies wearing turtle necks? Don't they get cold flying around? Anyway, I am secretly glad that she has now opted to be a pirate - easy costume. I will have to dig a little deeper to figure out where that one came from (it probably has a really cute skirt, perfect for twirling - she is so girly!).

I found these adorable costumes online this week (and remember our shoes can be worn with any outfit, not just for Halloween!) -

The first is the Flower Fairy Costume from Babies R US.com. It's on sale (gotta love a good deal) for only $13.99. I thought the colors were a perfect match to our Flutterflies Mary Janes or Tennis Shoes.

The baby in the second costume, the Baby Blossom, from Target.com is the picture perfect little outfit for a chubby little baby, isn't it? I thought this costume would be adorable with our Buzzy Bees tennis shoes or mary janes.

And of course, for your little Monster, the best costume to match his personality (I will be finding out soon since we're having a boy). From Babies R Us.com, this little guy will be warm for a night of trick or treating and would be even more fun for scaring everyone around the house. How fun! The monster costume reminded us of our Boogie Monsters tennis shoes and thought they would look great together too!

We've polled some of our Facebook fans and Twitter friends to see what their kids are wearing this season. Here's what they said...

Minnie Mouse
Harry Potter
Mary Ingalls
Little Red Riding Hood, apparently the dog will be the wolf - cute!
and my most creative favorite - a Butterfly Mermaid Spider Princess - good luck with this one!

A link to a great list of "literary" costumes - here (think Madeline, Junie B Jones, Clifford, etc).

I wish you a very Happy and Creative Halloween! I will post pics of our costumes, feel free to send yours in too. info@monkey-toes.com

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