Nov 11, 2009

It's come and now gone, another Halloween

Ok, I will admit, I was "that house" that left candy on the front porch and went out to see a movie with my BFF. My assumption was that the first person would probably pilfer all the candy, then I would happily take our empty pumpkin bowl and put it away for another year. Such a bah-humbug spirit (not sure what you'd call it with Halloween) , I know. Uh, backfire on that game plan! I don't think anyone touched the bowl and now I am stuck with a plastic pumpkin full of 2 bags worth of candy - specifically the best - Kit Kats and Reese's Peanut Butter cups. Needless to say, I've been enjoying them (minus the heartburn) in excess of what I should. I was not into it this year, as expressed in other posts - I will have fun with it next year, especially since we'll have another family member who will be about 10 months old (all depending on when he decides to make his debut onto planet earth).

I hope my lack of enthusiasm didn't show with the kids. I am proud to say that I did help out with my youngest daughter's Halloween party, and you'll be happy to know I didn't show up without ANY sort of costume. I wore a cute orange peasant style top (from Target), cut out pumpkin face shapes out of black sticky felt (Walmart) and had the hubs stick them to my growing 33 week belly. Got a TON of giggles and compliments from other parents and teachers. See how easy/inexpensive it is?

As promised, I'm sharing photos of the Beauty Queen and Pirate... Ella (above) was the ARGH, Pirate. I told you there'd be a fancy skirt that would go along with the outfit! She would wear the sparkliest of dresses year round if it were acceptable.

Rose (left), aka Miss America, is missing her sash in this picture. Her only requirements for this costume were bright red lipstick and big hair. I think we accomplished those goals.

Both girls were thrilled because it was the first time they wore mascara. I remember being a little girl and wanting so badly to play in mom's makeup! Right now I feel like it's a burden, but again that spunk will come some point.

Oh my, now on to Christmas! We're going to get the shopping done early this year and I am actually looking forward to it.

We have some great stuff going on and I am really looking forward to the new year. Stay tuned!

PS - Feel free to upload your kiddos Halloween costume pics and ideas onto our Facebook Fan page.

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