May 20, 2010

Fab find FRIDAY!!! (FFF) Easy does it.

I really like sharing products and services I love especially if they save me time and money. No, I have not been given free product to test and I am also not being paid for these items - they are 100% my finds that I enjoy the heck out of and I bet you would too.

I often dream of getting weekly/bi-weekly, heck once every 6 month-ly mani/pedi's, but let's face it - with three kiddos time and money can often be the set back. And honestly, if I'm getting a mani, I get frustrated because all I really want to do is read a smutty tabloid - uh, have you tried turning the pages with your mouth or toes? And once I'm done getting my nails done - I'm a huge clutz and usually wreck them the moment I leave the salon - OY!

So instead of dropping the $30-$60 smackers on having someone else do it, I thought - I'll go get my own polish instead. My venture turned out better than I could have imagined - Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Fast Dry Nail Color (and might I add - in Funky Fuschia - which is Fuschia FABULOUS). For less than $7, I had a mani AND a pedi and in minutes my nasty feet and hands looked like a pro did it. Ahh, and I never wrecked them because it dried so fast that even when Oscar woke up from his nap 10 minutes later, I was able to grab him without worry of wreckage. Another great thing - if you have squirmy girls, like I do, that like to have their nails done like mom (or dad - I'm not judging), voila! They are free to run wild after only a minute because they'll dry in less time than that.

My pedi is going on 3 weeks now without sight of a chip in it! I found this polish at Target, but you can find it pretty much everywhere - just check out the store finder on the Sally Hansen website.

What do you love that helps you feel pretty - and in a jiffy?


Anonymous said...

definitely gonna try this the next time i buy polish. i too wreck my nails minutes after i finish them usually. my eye liner, which i got at 99cents store makes me feel and look more awake each morning, cant leave without it:)

Monkey Toes said...

oh nice! what is the brand of your eyeliner? and is there a particular color you like?