May 12, 2010

Mama's Day

I had the best Mama's Day ever. I have a new little boy, I've got two great girls and an AMAZING husband who makes me want to be a great mom and wife. He is truly is a gift from God. This year, I was so lucky to wake up to a new pair of shoes and a gift card to spend however I want. We even ended the night by eating chocolate cake in bed. (If you know me, you know I love my sweets, and especially love them in bed!)

I decided on a few personalized items for our mom's this year - we've got three of them to buy for. A Grandma, Grammy and a Nana - they all mean so much to us and it's tough to show your love/appreciation with just a gift. I love anything personalized so the gifts were easy.

For Grandma F. - She's always admiring a our mantle art so I thought I would make one of her own. It was super easy to create and with millions of fonts and colors you can create something that suits your personal style best. This quick project took only a few supplies (stretched canvas, acrylic paint, paint sponge) and a vinyl wall letter, for us it was an "F" for Ford (I made sure the letter was 2" smaller than my canvas to create and inch on top and bottom - you do what feels right). You can't tell from the picture but the canvas is matte and the letter is shiny, which makes a cool contrast.
Vinyl letter was purchased from - KNDChicago, Stretched canvas, paint, paint sponge - Michaels Craft store

For Grammy & Nana I had personalized polished sterling silver key chains hand stamped, also purchased on (can you tell I'm obsessed??). The front is adorned their "grandma name" and on the back we listed the grandkids - Rose, Ella, Oscar and Gwen. Aren't they gorgeous?Keychains created by Jeneri Jewelry (one of my fave jewelry designers on Etsy) - always exceptional quality

How was your Mama's Day? What did you give your Mama? Did you make something or store buy? Share your ideas with me! I wanna hear them...


Melissa Taylor said...

the girls painted pictures on canvases for both grandmas . . . I got my mom two new Troll Beads which made her cry!!


Monkey Toes said...

the canvas art is a cute idea! do you have pics to share?