May 20, 2010

What goes with Monkey-Toes,,,

I'm beaming with excitement. Any of you out there with businesses revolving around children can probably relate. When your child is actually able to wear or use the product that you've created - it's a really exciting moment. I am now slapping Monkey-Toes on this child as much as I possibly can!! And what better advertising??

Since the day my mom bought these little plaid shorts from The Gap, I've had visions of Silly Monkey's running through my head. It just happened to be a nice day out (ya, in May, here in Denver it's been snowing. ICK), my husband dressed the little guy in his brown plaid shorts and Carter's "Hero in Training" shirt (last season and no longer available) and we were off - outside to snap some pics of the event. His first Silly Monkey event, that is! (No, I'm not a proud mama at all!)(I was not compensated for any products mentioned/pictured, I just personally love them...)

What is your biz? And what was the first thing you were able to put or use on your child? How did that make ya feel?


Sweet Harper said...

What an adorable MONKEY!

The funny thing is that I started out making clips for Harper, but now she rarely gets my "newest" ones. Believe me though, she has a TON!

Anonymous said...

So cute! :) Winter is my favorite season because my boys are able to wear all their cute little beanies I have made them. My favorite has to be the Elmo hat. It has been worn for 3 years now. :)