Aug 30, 2010

Black is the new White

Confession:  I *heart* jewelry.  Really, what girl doesn't?  My jewels du jour vary by mood.  Sometimes I am a minimalist, with a tiny silver chain and studs or hoops, and sometimes I like to go a little more bold, with larger pendants and chunky cuffs.  Some of my all time fave jewelry comes from my step mom's jewelry biz - Ridgeline Artisans.

Julie and my Dad started out on an amazing adventure a few years ago, to Bali, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Sri Lanka breathing in the many flavors of the culture and collecting amazing works of jewelry art from little artisans around the globe.  I was completely jealous of their trip and selflessly offered to become a "buyer" and if I had to travel to exotic locations I would definitely take one for the team...I am a good daughter.

These are my two FAVE necklaces (though I could spend hours sifting through their collection and finding a million more faves).

I'm completely infatuated with black pearls (if you can't tell).  There's something so "sassy Jackie O" about these little gems of the sea.  Which describes me to a tee - "sassy" and if Jackie O ever donned a wife beater, I'd be sure she was my long lost twin.

Go to Ridgeline Artisans today and show my step-mama, Julie, some love.  Like what you see here?  Email Julie for the 5-Strand Black Pearls from Thailand by emailing Julie direct.  Or get the Chandelier Necklace here

The best part? Use the code: monkey-toes at checkout and you'll get 20% off your purchase.  YIPPEE!

I'd love to know two things... 1) What's your favorite jewelry find?  (And you can't just say "Etsy", give me a link!)  2) What adjective describes your personality? 

(disclaimer:  I was not compensated for this review, I am family, AND I love their fabulous exotic finds.  My review is my opinion.  I was given these necklaces for my birthday as gifts. WOOT! WOOT! LUCKY ME!)


Mellisa Rock said...

I love Pretty Things By Meg on Etsy:

I like classic and pretty - and eye catching jewelry.

@deharza on twitter said...

I love this etsy seller stuff