Sep 5, 2010

New Pics!

People are wondering why I started a new Twitter handle (@Jenny_LovesThis) and why I've changed my profile pic on Facebook from the sassy little pair of Little Ladies Mary Janes to sassy little ME.  Well, I've got a few things up my sleeve.  More details on that to come, but for now I've gotta tell you all about Regina Mountjoy of Recherche Photography and her fabulous idea for a head shot party! 

Regina says you may need a new head shot if...

you can answer "yes" to any of the below, you should come!
  • Your Facebook/Twitter profile picture is a shot of your child or pet.
  • Your current head shot image is from at least 2 years ago.
  • You cringe when you see your current head shot.
  • Everytime your head shot is requested you experience a sense of panic or dread.
  • You're considering joining a cool new dating service.
  • Someone recently saw your head shot and commented that "you look just like your mother."
  • You need a little self nurturing. Don't underestimate what a beautiful new image of yourself just looking natural & happy can do for your self esteem (and love life!)

Regina's head shot party consists of ladies (or gents), some vino, and goodies to munch.  While you socialize, one by one she takes you to find the perfect back drop for your head shots and starts snapping away.  The best part is - it's only $50 per person.  Usually when working with a photographer you have to reserve them for an hour and it can start at $200.  If you're local to Denver and need to update your avatar on Twitter or Facebook, or heck, your website - you've gotta sign up for one of her future head shot parties - she's hosting them once a month - details here.  I totally enjoyed hanging out with Regina, a current friend and even met a new friend.  It was loads of fun! 

Here are my two faves...

Gather a group of girls or meet some new ones at one of her parties, you won't regret it!  Oh, and say you don't need a new head shot now, she also is AMAZING at family and baby photos too.  Her home studio is gorgeous!

1 comment:

OT and ET said...

Your pictures are gorgeous! Whether you have something up your sleeve or just because! If I lived in Denver I'd so do this - I hate every picture of me, ever, since my wedding 13 years ago! Can I just steal one of your headshots and pretend it's me?