Aug 4, 2010

Show and Tell

I cannot believe I am about to reveal to you the pics of the room in which I am working amongst.  Can you say - shoe VOMIT?  As I was sitting in the "packaging station" (image 3) I was looking around thinking... "oh my gosh!  Someone has to see this.  It's like Hurricane Monkey came crashing through my office".  This is what I'm working with folks, it's not pretty, but it's real.

This is the view from my door..Scenic, isn't it? (if you love the view of large empty boxes waiting to be filled with orders shipping out to stores). PS. The clock on the wall over my desk has never read the correct time.  I have never set it.  I never look at it.  It's there because I needed something to fill the space.  There, I said it.
Looking to the left of the door - this is many things...One being, an order going to Israel, awaiting packaging by yours truly.  You see that mish-mashed unorganized looking board above it?  Those are our family goals.  If you can look really closely I've got the O List,  trips to many exotic places, my hubs has a motorcycle and many other fun things we dream of one day.
See that pillow laying on top of the order going to Israel?  That's a project I started weeks ago, just haven't had the chance to finish.  I need to put a stitch in that pillow to seal it up - it's going on the back porch - my new indoor-outside space, soooo cozy.  And that table full of crap?  Well, that's a whole bunch of stuff that needs a home.  Filing, a birthday hat, my dear Ella made me, the baby monitor, etc.  It's kinda like a junk drawer, minus the drawer and add a giant table.  UGH!
When you move past my desk (if you can make it without tripping over shipments for tomorrow) you'll see my "packaging area" and the inventory "warehouse".  This is where I spend many hours on the floor packaging all those cute little shoesies.  Yes, I package EACH AND EVERY ONE of the shoes that go out our door.  The "warehouse" shelves that you are seeing is only a portion of the inventory I keep on hand.  There are three other walls, plus the walk-in closet that house the shoes and our supplies.  That big pile of shoes there to your right is an order that needs to be packaged for a store in Canada (I love that international stores find us!).  
If you CAN turn to the right (I know, it's totally messy!), you'll see more inventory and a painting station.  Yes, I do still paint a couple of the styles.  I personally hand paint the bees and the pigs.  I've held on to the bees, well not by choice, but because they can take 3-4 coats of paint and require a lot of time, love and patience (which I don't have much of, but those Buzzy's and I work together).  It's been difficult for me to find a painter who will do them I continue on.  And it's late right now, so Kate Plus 8 is on the TV.  This is how I catch up with TV shows at night while I work.  Most the time I'm not even paying attention - I think it makes me feel like I've got an office full of people around me.

So that's it, people!  That's my office.  I am not proud of the mess, but I have to tell you that it's all I can do right now to stay afloat with a baby who now crawls (and gets into EVERYTHING) while I work. I have to prioritize. So I have an office FULL of unfinished projects and me (a giant stressball) sitting either on the floor, at my desk, or at the painting station just doing what I can to get it all done.

I'm totally a proj-a-holic.  I've got a million projects either in my head or half-way finished, usually because I get distracted by a wee one whose name rhymes with SHMOSCAR.  Tis the life (and office) of a home based entrepreneur, mommy and wifey.

Ok, I've procrastinated enough, I've gotta get back to Tazmanian devil-in it up in my office, I've got HUGE messes to make!

How many unfinished projects do you have around your office? (Please, please tell me I'm not the only one!!!)


OT and ET said...

Oh my gosh! You should be proud of yourself for staying afloat you are juggling so much and your business is succeeding! I'm in awe of you! xoxo! (@OttosMomBlogs)

ps does your blog have a badge? I was going to add it to my blog's sidebar the other day and couldn't find. Ooh, another project for you :D


Ellia C. Naturals said...

Love this post, glad to know I'm not the only one! Regardless of what the work space looks like, I can say from experience that your work is top notch and shipping is lightening fast...quality like that deserves a little flexibility! xoxo

AKA: ElliaCNaturals

Vanessa Cox said...

I think you are doing a great job! My office was the same way before we had a very thorough cleaning by a mold remediation company. Now everything is bagged up and in the garage! I need more organization!
Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

very cool:) thank you for sharing real life with us:) congrats on so many orders to package:)