Aug 3, 2010

A little {Online} shopping secret

Raise your hand if you hate paying retail for anything.  (Oh! Oh! ME! ME!)  And raise your hand if you LOVE to shop online, but dislike the shipping charges, handling charges, putting the store owners kid through college charges, etc, etc?  (again, COUNT ME IN!)  I've got a little secret to share with you

5 Simple steps to getting what you want...and at a fabulous discount!
1. Shop online and find something amazing that you cannot live without (I know this one is gonna be tough)
2. Go to and enter the website into the search box
3.  Be magically blown away by the coupon codes it will provide to you for that website
4.  Go back to your favorite website and enter the code upon checking out
5.  Happiness will arrive on your doorstep

Now there, I saved you money.  You can thank me later! 

Tell me, what is your online shopping secret??

PS - I was not compensated by the above mentioned company for talking about their fabulous service.  I just thought I'd share the great resource.  Not all companies will have a discount code to redeem.  But you check it out and see for yourself!

1 comment:

OT and ET said...

Ooh, thank you, I'll try this next time I'm online shopping! Which may be a while since we're freaking broke all the time lately (wah!).

I only have one online secret and it's not soooo secret. But we use amazon's subscription service for g-diaper refills & save like 30% off what we'd pay at the store. They're cheaper in bulk plus we get like a 15 or 20% discount for subscribing to reorder them bi-monthly. Hey, every little bit!