Oct 22, 2010

Costume FUN!

How am I dressing my little kiddos this year for Halloween?  Well, the girls get to choose their own costumes, so I guess I have to keep my mouth shut on their choices.  Of course unless they want to dress a little too grown up (not cool) - I would totally put my foot down.  The girls seem to have a dancing theme going on this year - I wonder if it's because they LOVE the costumes on Dancing with the Stars, which are, um, a little racey!

Ella (8) has chosen to be a Flapper Girl - She's super stoked about how the dress flaps when she twists and turns.  I think she would choose to wear this costume every day if we'd let her (she's sooooo girly).
image courtesy of Target.com

Rose (10) is dressing up as a Flamenco Spanish Dancer.  I think she's excited because she'll be sporting a pair of mini-heels (I'm talking 1 inch, which is exciting for her).
image courtesy of DevilishDisguise.com

Oscar will be donning his SUPER OSCAAAAR outfit from Cutie Patutus.  They made it custom for O.  See the O on his cape and you can't see it but he's got an O on his onesie and diaper cover too?  Super cute isn't it??  Check out my review of their Super Hero stuff over at CupcakeMag for Littles (formerly Sprinkles).  HINT:  There's a discount code!!
image courtesy of moi

I just HAVE to show you one more thing from Cutie Patutus (@CutiePaTutus), I adore Amanda over there!  Since ladybug are always a hot costume for Halloween - they've got this adorable ladybug Tutu and tee, which of course would be so stinkin cute with Monkey-Toes Little Ladies mary janes.   And can be worn for dress-up all year long too!
(Want it?  Get 20% off with the code: monkeytoes)
Have you decided on your kiddos costume yet?  What is it gonna be?

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Alana De Leon-Lott said...

I love O's cape! So cute!

Cutie Pa Tutus said...

Aww, thanks mama!! Of course, O's so cute he'd make a paper bag look good! But thankee for the loveee!!

Lindsey Muth said...

OMG, O's outfit is the cutest thing EVER!

swank|mama said...

Adorable costumes! You've given me ideas for Miss S next year. Love that you personalized O's costume!!

Meg's Cute Kid Shop said...

Love your costumes they're adorable