Oct 25, 2010

Punkin Carvin Fun!

We (ok, my hubs did the daunting job) of pumpkin carving a few days ago.  As a child I always remember reaching into the pumpkin and mushing around the strings and goo between my fingers.  I'd still kinda like to stick my hands in (but that's not very lady-like).  Here are my, not so little girls, experiencing the joy of cleaning out their pumpkins.

I grew Oscar's little baby pumpkin in our backyard.  It was my feeble attempt at a green thumb this summer.  And since I knew we weren't going to be able to cut this little guy open, I drew a silly/scary face on it and named him "Franken-Punkin".  Oscar enjoyed throwing it around the kitchen. 

Here are all the pumpkins together. Rose decided that her "Princess" pumpkin needed to accessorize with a tiara, earrings & a necklace. 
And then of course, it wouldn't be like me not to get all crafty on a pumpkin...Here's my Little Ladypunks pumpkin.  

What's your favorite childhood Halloween memory?  Do you have pics of your carved pumpkins?  Send me links!!


Alana said...

We need to carve pumpkins soon! We have been so busy with other stuff we haven't gotten around to it.
I used to love carving pumpkins with my dada and grandpa and my mom and grandma would roast the seeds. I am hoping we continue that tradition with Baby D!
Your pumpkins are adorable. Your girls...even more so!

Sweet Harper said...

So cute! Your girls look like so much fun! We have a couple with kids the same age as ours and we have a tradition of carving pumpkins together every year. We have done it since our oldest were small enough to fit inside the pumpkins for pics!

OT and ET said...

First off, your daughters are beautiful! And your pumpkins are so cute! I love that each one is unique to its owner, and in a creepy Martha Stewart kinda way I'm dying over your Ladypunks pumpkin's stem! It's pretty major! My Halloween memories are all average so I have big plans to go all out for Otto every year so that his memories are all outstanding! But my favorite Halloween memory is that my little brother and I would have structured candy trades every day after Halloween until all the candy was gone. They would take hours (it seemed) and involved serious negotiation. I love remembering it, thanks for forcing me to rack my brain for a memory!

xoxo -Lindsey

Unknown said...

I love that you grew your own baby pumpkin...we did that a few years ago on accident. Here's the link to our carved pumpkins: