Oct 18, 2010

Donald Trump - YOU'RE fired!

It was a week of little milestones for the kiddos in our family!   I will share the other one a little later in the week.

Oscar was born with a full head of blond hair and from day 1 he had that old man comb-over.  I called him my little future Donald Trump.  We were able to faux-hawk it since birth, which was really cute.  However, it quickly grew so long that the trendy little "hawk" turned into just a saggy, unstylish, wing.
just minutes after O was born - a full head of hair!

I was finally able to talk the hubs (who was resistant) into doing away with the Donald Trump doo. He finally agreed.  Oscar did so well, I was amazed at how my little baby boy is starting to look so much like a toddler in that seat gettin his hair cut. *sniff, sniff* 
 It's amazing what a little trim will do for a tyke - it really spiffs them up.  How old was your little man/lady when they got their first hair cut?  Did it make you kinda sad?


Alana said...

I think I will let D's hair grow out as long as I can until it looks really bad! Hope you got to keep some of that blonde hair!
I love the "hawk" though! He is so cute!

Unknown said...

My daughter was 11 mos old and she had a mullet...My MIL convinced me to get my daughter hair cut before your 1st b-day party

OT and ET said...


Re: 1st cuts... Otto was born with the Costanza (we gotta get these boys together) and it quickly turned into a business man's mullet. Long straight blond, less on top, long in back, and just a mess. But I hung in there until he was 18 months old for the first cut. It was nowhere as cute as Oscar's! I did it myself and he looked like Joan of Arc! So his 2nd haircut was at a salon, the next day, and he did really well. He's since had another!

Here's to lil blond boys growing into toddlers and rocking faux hawks. And of course to their hot moms! xo

Unknown said...

Miss Maddy is 3 and she has still yet to have a cut - I am thinking of letting it grow out 12 inches past her shoulders and cut it off to donate for making a wig.

Love the faux hawk - Miss Maddy was born with one of those too!