Oct 13, 2010

MAD Hatter!

I'm officially in love with hats.  Not for me, I admire women who can pull off the fedora or cloche, I just can't do it!  I CAN however slap those on my kiddos!  And what better time then now, for Halloween, to create a cute and warm costume for your little candy grubbin' tykes...Add Monkey Toes and you can leave the rest of the outfit simple.  Here's what I found....

From the Cutie Hats Shop on Etsy the Cow Hat
...and obviously, you'd pair it with our Wowie Cowie Tennis shoes/Mary Janes
Ooooh la la and check out this ladybug beanie...I'm in LOVE!  It's from the Love & Ladybugs Etsy shop
Pair it with a little black outfit and our Little Ladies Tennis Shoes/Mary Janes and oh so cute!

I could go on FORever...especially on Etsy.  But I will leave you with this final find - the Froggy Beanie by Charlie Mai.
Can I say cute enough in this blog post?  You MUST pair your little Leap Frog in this hat with our Leap Frogs Tennis Shoes/Mary Janes

All of these sweet little finds are on Etsy.com. When you've got hours on your hands, you MUST head over and search (oh ya, and try not to drool all over your keyboard). 

Which one is your fave?  Or find one and link me to it :)


Mommafo said...

They're all great. :) I love making hats too, I just finished a custom froggy hat, and now starting to work on an owl. :)


Lindsey Muth said...

The frog hat is soooo cute! If I had to rank them, that is, it'd be #1! I want to see Mommafo's owl hat! And then of course the Owl Monkey-Toes line that follows!