Oct 11, 2010

You Silly Monkey....

Whew!  We are blowing through our Silly Monkey tennis shoes this year...Is everyone dressing as a monkey?  Well if so, you know where to get the kicks!!

And here's where you can get the Monkey costumes....
Carters online (or outlet store)

Etsy - Little SideKick Store
How cute and simple would this hat be, paired with a little sweat suit and Silly Monkey's shoes?
Easy, CUTE, & Wearable all winter long
(image from Little SideKick on Etsy.com)


Or like the vintage Sock Monkey look?
(I just ordered one of these for Oscar)
Etsy store - MimisBabies
Oscar will be wearing it all winter long!!
(image from MimisBabies on Etsy)

Which one is YOUR favorite?


Mellisa Rock said...

That last hat is incredibly cute!

Sweet Harper said...

Love the sock monkey...need pics of O once he gets his!

Charissa @ MiMi's Babies said...

Love all the monkey-ing around! Such a cute costume and monkey hat. :)

Thanks for sharing sock monkey! :)