Oct 1, 2010

He said it! He said it!!

Every new mom and dad secretly challenges the other to the game "will he say mama or dada first".  It's a friendly competition (if you agree that mockery is friendly).  You spend countless hours repeating "mama, mama, mama" in their faces.  And your lying if you say you didn't. 

Well, he said it!  It was plain as day - I walked around our Jeep as my hubs was unbuckling O from his seat belt.  He looked over at me with those sweet blue eyes and said "Ma Ma" and then smiled!  Oh how my heart melted.  It was surreal. 
And as you know they won't do it again when you want them to.  But that's completely ok, because my hubs was within earshot and got a whiff of my sweet, sweet victory!!!  He said MA MA first!! HA! HA!  (As I rub his nose in my glory!!)  And he said it right in front of Da Da! 

What was your kiddos first word?


Bullfrogs & Butterflies Baby said...

Mama on all 4 counts! :)

Chris said...

How cute! What a special moment! So glad you won! heehee!

Our daughter's first word was: Dada. But, I'm okay with that. Really. I am. :-P

Rajean said...

Rather sure all our kiddos have said da da first. Dang. Why didn't I think of coaching them! Precious photo of your men.

Jennifer O. (aka Romeoandmae) said...

How stinkin cute!

Sweet Harper said...

Such a fun moment! I would definitely relish in the glory if I were you too. Jack said "da-da" first, but Harper said "ma-mam" so we're even ;-)

LoveFeast Table said...

Each of my 4 children have said dada first..my other favorites from my memory of their first words:
moosh for blanky
peez for pizza
eeeme(eatme)for food
It's fun to remember! Thanks for jogging my memory!!
(16,13,10,& 6years now) ~Chris Ann

Lindsey Muth said...

OMG congrats! And gorgeous pic of your boys! So glad you won this battle, haha! Ot said "da" first but ::sniffle:: it didn't hurt my feelings one bit ::sniffle:: ... Of course now I want to change my name to anything but mommeeeeeee!!! haha!


Mellisa Rock said...

I read this yesterday on my phone and was celebrating for you - 4 kids and 4 dada's for first words!