Oct 3, 2010

You're going to want to read this one...The perfect parenting manual!

I was elated when I discovered that Ray Lincoln was writing a parenting book based on temperaments.  I have personally asked Ray for advice and coaching sessions, which I believe has changed my life and outlook on myself and the people around me...Especially my children. 

Ray has taught me so much.  He's taught me that everyone is gifted and talented, just in different ways.  Not one person fits into a box or mold. After reading this book and applying his principles I completely understand where my kiddos are coming from. If you've got that one (or two, or three) child that you just don't understand you MUST read this book!!

Crazy enough, I understand my husband better too!  Ray is truly a gift from God and I recommend you RUN (ok, click) as quickly as possible and pick up the book!

If you act now (yes, I am going to be a car salesman now :)) you'll even receive some FREE SWAG!  Who doesn't love free stuff?  Click here to purchase a copy today (and collect the free goods too!)

Share this info too!  Know someone who is struggling with a child?  OR even makes a fabulous gift for teachers. Don't keep this info to yourself - please pass it on.

After you do, I'd personally love to hear what you have to say about Ray's book!

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Sweet Harper said...

Always looking for new books to help me both with my own family, and as a teacher---will be checking it out!