Jan 6, 2011

We've got some stuff goin on!

I am excited to share with you some news in the next few days that is gonna knock your socks off!  Plus a new logo and Monkey mascot (eeeee, so exciting!) But, until then I've got some work to do clearing out our inventory to make room for NEW and EXCITING product for you Monkey Toes lovers (does that sound weird?).  I'll be featuring one style per week with a great price attached...This week's deal - The LUV Bug mary janes.  I've got 10 pairs of these babies left and they're only $18!!  I know what you're thinking... What? That's unheard of !! I know!! So get them NOW!!  (sizes 1-10, limited quantities, only while supplies last).

Know what these little cuties are perfect for?  Valentine's Day!  What a great gift and an adorable finishing touch on any little V-Day outfit.

PS - I can guarantee the pricing will go back up once our new stock is in.

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