Jun 28, 2011

What we're doing this summer - Random acts of Sweetness

The summer is flying by and speeds fast as lighting, and thankfully I haven't heard "I'm bored" yet (I said YET). Maybe because they know we'll make them do chores if they say those dreaded two words (insert evil snicker here).  I'm always trying to think of fun things for them to do.  Projects such as this one from Imagination Soup are fabulous (my girls made their own comic strips and had so much fun doing it!).

I know the kiddos enjoy baking (as much as I enjoy eating it - hence my other endeavor Sugar Loco).  So I thought, let's bake some sweets and give them to a neighbor - just for fun.  A little random act of sweetness, if you will.  They were thrilled at the idea.  And I think that's just because they love licking the spoons.

Exhibit A... Spoon Licking

I'd love to hear if you are doing any random acts of sweetness with your kiddos this summer?

- Jenny


Melissa Taylor said...

nice! Our random acts of sweetness are more metaphorical than actual. But, maybe we'll cook tangram cookies I found in a math baking book. I'll let you borrow it - it's really fun!

Melissa Taylor said...

and thanks. :)