Jul 6, 2011

What we're doing this summer - Calling all Bookworms

I'm in love with free activities.  I often find that there are too many days in the summer and not enough things to do.  So this week we channeled our inner bookworms and headed to our fabulous library.  Seriously, I know you're saying - DUH!  But I actually forget about it (mommy brain, I guess).  And the kiddos, whether they can read or not, all have an opportunity to have fun. 

Our neighborhood library has the best play area.  Full of noise-and-mess-making kids (so mine isn't the only one - phew!).   Oscar doesn't like to draw with chalk, he'd rather huck it into the stainless steal bucket.  Yes, making an incredibly loud thump, but never once did a librarian walk over and say "SHHHHH". 

Ella, my serious bookworm (who is launching a blog of her favorite books soon), had fun browsing the books and finding a new adventure to go on...

Oh, and then she had her own creation to make in the kiddie area.  (The silly girl, she's so proud of herself)
And I'd be lying if I didn't say that I enjoy sitting with a little somethin somethin that takes my mind off of life by digging into someone else's....The racks upon racks of glorious smutty mags! 
I'll be heading back soon, possibly even daily.

What are your favorite FREE things to do during the summer?  The one's that I have totally forgotten about... Please share!

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Kids in Denver said...

We go to that same library all the time. We love the chalk tables. If you are looking for free things to do this summer, check out some of the nature centers like Carson Nature Center or Roxborough State Park.