Jul 24, 2011

A Historical Family Trip

We loaded up the kiddos (all three) and headed to Washington, DC this year.  It was quite the adventure I must say!  My biggest fear was the 3 hour early morning flight with our 18 month old, Oscar, who doesn't stop moving.  Mother's of boys out there - I know you can relate.

O squirmed across our three seats, he tried to get into the isle to run free, he yelled at the top of his lungs to his older sister across the isle "ELLA!  ELLA! LA LA!"  He'd look her right in the eyes and then look away pretending not to see her and would continue yelling (he's definitely my child).  He found the tray on the back of the seat and proceeded to unlock it, let the tray drop and then slam it back up.  How annoying for the seat in front, I had to put a stop to that fun quick.  I hope the people around us didn't mind (afterall, he wasn't crying for 3 hours straight, right?!) We were of course overly sensitive to his every move.  Thank God for some cartoons keeping him still long enough to fall asleep.....Until I tried to readjust him and he woke up.  UGH, after only 30 minutes.  But that 30 minutes was enough to recharge him, where does he get all this energy?

Through all of that, lasting 3 hours, we made it!  And him, without a nap until checking in to the hotel (we left our house at 4 am).  And all the squirming in the world was worth it for this view from our hotel.
Washington Memorial
We had arrived in the most historical city my kids will ever visit, our nations capital.  Rich in monuments, memorials and museums.  Everyone, except Oscar (he could care less), was so excited to get out and explore this amazing city!

More to come.  What memorable family trips have you taken?

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Lavender Luz said...

Looks like a wonderful time! It's a beautiful city with so much meaning and richness.

We hit the battlefields of the Civil War. We, too, had to monitor the kiddos with the seat-back trays. When does that fascination go away??