Jul 29, 2011

It's time to be KIND

It's back to school time again.  And it's always a fun time for the kids to go shopping for a fresh new Peachie (do they still make those?), pens, pencils, a protractor and their first day outfit.  Unfortunately so many kids out there, and especially in this economy, more and more kiddos can't afford their much needed new supplies.

That's where KIND is stepping in.  You know those delicious and nutritious bars filled with nuts, cranberries oats and other delightful goodies?  They're not only doing good for your taste buds, but urging everyone to commit to do a specific act of kindness on the first Tuesday of every month (Denver is August 2 - commit to hand out cold water to someone working outdoors - easy!).  If enough people pledge, they'll pay it forward and enact their very own BIG act of kindness on a group that really needs it. It's a win win - everyone feels good giving!

It's the easiest acts of KINDness that are the most rewarding.   More details on the KIND mission here

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