Jul 31, 2011


I found myself at a loss for words so many times on this trip.  I had been to DC before, as a 13 year old, with my friends through our middle school.  It was a lot of fun back then and though it made an impact on me, pretty sure I was more interested in all the boys from the other states on their school trips.

I was pretty excited to go back and show my girls (and husband) the sights and how beautiful they are.  Being there for only 5 days seems like you'd see a lot, um, no.  We barely scratched the surface.
Smithsonian Air & Space Museum - they have a great hands on section just for the kids

Washington Memorial

World War II Memorial - 4,048 stars on this wall, each representing 100 service personnel who died or remain missing in the war.  Speechless.

Lincoln Memorial, what a grand site and it's how I will always think of our larger-than-life President Lincoln.

The White House - TV doesn't do this amazing structure justice.

Smithsonian - American History Museum

Dumbo from Disneyland at the Smithsonian American History Museum - lots for kids to do at this museum

Dorothy's Ruby Slippers - Smithsonian American History Museum

The first day, we were all on foot.  The second, we visited Alexandria, VA.  The third, we got smart and rented bikes - that was such a fun way to get around the city, even with a toddler! We rented a bike trailer which magically transformed into a stroller - GENIUS!  And much easier on the feet. 

I would ask my girls (9 &10) - what was your favorite part of the day?  They'd respond with - all of it.  I have to agree with them! 

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