Sep 26, 2011

Hot Shots

I often wonder, what ever did I do without my camera phone?  Oh, that's right.  I missed a ton of moments because I didn't have my camera on me...Or I had to try to explain to people what the kids did or the view that I saw.  And still I think it is just now setting in that I have a camera, practically surgically implanted to my hand at all times, and I can remember to take those impromptu shots.

I thought I'd share with you "some" of what's on my camera phone (there is a TON)...The compilation is kinda nutty. When I scroll back through everything, it's pretty random, which is how it should be, but they all bring back wonderful memories.  So many great memories that I have a hard time downloading them from my phone to my computer --- AHHH, that explains why my phone is running so slow.  HA!

I love having a little hand-held yearbook with me at all times.  Enjoy!
Fresh Baked Cookies from last night

The view from a wedding we just attended at gorgeous Arrowhead Golf Course

The other "view" from that wedding! YUM!
The blinds I needed for my bedroom, at Ikea.  Though when I bought them and got them home, they were too big.  Dang! Back to Ikea I go!

My kiddos at the beginning of the summer.  We were so ready for some fun!
This just looks like trouble

On a plane with my two friends heading to Cancun...Good Times!
My daughters whoopin up on their mama, playing golf

View from the roof of the Las Vegas Design Center - such a cool city!
President Clinton spoke in Las Vegas - 1st time ever seeing a President in person

The aquarium at the Golden Nugget Casino - Las Vegas
Kids have such an amazing understanding.  From my daughter.
Happy 11th Birthday Rose!
I leave the kids alone for a few minutes to take a phone call, and look at what I find?!
I was so excited to receive these new arrivals!
The unsolicited cuteness!
My two best girlfriends at a Pat Benatar Concert, Red Rocks

My new office/guest bedroom - pale blue and silver harlequin diamonds
My two favorite boys at the Fire Fighter Chili Cook-off, LoDo Denver
Oscar's outfit of the day - Leap Frogs!
Slurping Noodles

This is only a small portion of what's in my phone.  I urge you to share a link to what's in your camera phone too - I will check them out!


Lori Lavender Luz said...

These are all so fun! I especially love the one with Rose. She's radiant!

Jen Goode said...

such a great idea, I'll have to dig through my phone and see what there is to share. Now I want chocolate chip cookies for breakfast!

Chris Bird said...

So fun to look back! I try to download my phone photos from time-to-time, but will always end up being surprised at what I find on there too!

Laura aka LaLaGirl said...

These are great - what a fun glimpse into your everyday life!