Oct 20, 2011

Confessions of a seasonal slacker

Thank you friends and family (mainly my dear, sweet 3 kids who will be scarred for life) for your forgiveness in advance.  I have been really great at sharing super-dee-duper Halloween decor and finds, yet when it comes to applying anything to my actual home - I suck.  Yep, I said it...For someone who was in the past coined a young Martha Stewart (minus jail stripes, but gosh I still love her) - I'm not living up to my previous reputation at all.  Frankly, I'm doing more admiring on Pinterest than I am actually taking action.  My poor, poor kids...

Here it is the week before Halloween and this is our front porch.. Whoa, you say? I know, Halloween decor overload, right?!  Um, it's more like - the only reason we have that one pumpkin on the porch is because my 11 year old did it at school.  I had nothing to do with it...NADA, Zilch.

So in keeping with the theme of just admiring and repinning the creativity I see other people doing, here it is, My Pinterest.  I swear it's laughing at me, mocking me...shouting loooser every time I log in. *insert fingers in ears, stick out tongue*

If I can't make fun of myself then who can I make fun of?   Oh well, maybe next year??

How are you doing with keeping up with the creativity of the seasons?  Rocking it or just keeping your head above water?

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I could help you with that.