Oct 21, 2011

SEW easy

Har Har...Had to make the cheesy joke.

Over the summer I was a little over zealous making throw pillows - so overboard that I've been cut off by my husband.  You see, our sofa is so deep that unless you're about 6' 25" tall, your feet don't hit the ground.  They dangle. feeling like the lady on the "Big Comfy Couch" show from the 90's.  So I typically curl up on this couch, it's perfect for that - curling up reading books or leisurely thumbing through magazines. At least, in my dreams it is...(I've got three kids, those moments don't happen often).

After watching guests struggle to get comfy on our sofa a few million times, I decided we needed an abundance of pillows on it. 

I obsessed over easy throw pillows for over a year before I actually got my sewing machine out and gave them a shot.  I bought coordinating cloth napkins (they're the perfect square) and you can mix and customize however you want.  I loved that, and then they are completely personal to my home and my decor. And the WIN here is that you can find cloth napkins everywhere and typically find them on sale.  I believe I spent a total of $12 on recovering 6 pillows.

Here is just a sampling, the solid blue and the brown and white print are two that I made. The giraffe is from Scene Weaver and the Brown silk is from Bed Bath & Beyond ($10 on sale).  I won't embarrass myself with the total pillow count on my couch...just know there is a lot (at least by my husband's standards). 

There is very little sewing happening on these. I don't even turn them inside out (none of my friends are seamstresses, so I have a feeling no one will notice where they don't line up perfectly. Gasp!).

What you need:
2 cloth napkins
Sewing machine
Old pillows (make sure they will fit your napkin squares) - remove stuffing, throw away old cases

Line up the two napkins (do not turn them inside out).  Sew along the edge about 3/4 of the way around the square, leave an opening to stuff the pillow.  Stuff the pillow, if the old pillow is still in good form, just slide it right into your new case.  Hand stitch your pillow closed.  Toss it on to your couch, aside all your other newly covered pillows. 

There it is...A little home inspiration for you.  Have you been wanting to do any projects around the house lately?  If so, what?

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