Nov 27, 2011

Hot Shots 2

Movie sequels are usually no good (though you Star Wars fans might beg to differ).  Blog posts, however, are another story!  I had such fun creating my original Hot Shots post - that I decided to do another one.

Here you have it - what I've been up to the past two months - lots of fun!

I'm not going to tell him these are girl shoes...He was so excited to wear "bugs" "shoes"

Pretty much the cutest business cards ever - from MOO

My Sugar Loco sweets partner, Tracy, came to visit.  Behind her is the Denver skyline.  Gorgeous day!

My lil golfer

My office needs this

Ahh, Sweet Kara, from LaunchHer, came to visit the same weekend Tracy did.  Can you see her back there beyond the margarita??

Ella & Oscar after E's school fun run

Can you believe I found these on sale for only $5 at a local boutique???

Bubble wrap fun

Ahh, this place brings me relaxing memories.  More to come on this retreat!

Stop judging


First time feeding a horse and I was slightly freaked out he was going to take my hand

I spy Monkey Toes at Fruehauf's in Boulder, CO

Ask a toddler for a smile and this is what you get

My sweet Ella giving a speech at her Veteran's Day assembly - proud mama moment
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