Jan 18, 2012

I said I'd never do it

It never fails, you (I) open your (my) big mouth and spout out - I'd NEVER wear that, or this or do that or this... I'm here to call my bluff, and erase the word NEVER from my vocabulary - cuz turns out, I'm a gigantic hypocrite.

As I was flying home from Atlanta (last year's Atlanta Gift Market posted here) this past weekend, feet throbbing from the loads of standing at the Atlanta Gift Show, I thought there had to be something more comfortable I could wear.  Anything.  Sitting on that plane, I thought about how many women request Monkey Toes shoes in their size - I would balk at the idea, as if.

Light Bulb Moment Alert!! I love my TOMS, they're like wearing slippers.  I thought, if only I could have a red pair on standby to change into when my feet ache so badly I'd like to cut everything off below the knee.  This would be a nicer, and cleaner, option, RIGHT?!

So I dusted off my paint brushes and - 

Introducing my new TOMS -

Whaddya think about them?  Would YOU wear them?

ps - TOMS and Monkey Toes are not affiliated, but Monkey Toes would LOVE to work with TOMS should their peeps contact our peeps.  I do love the movement TOMS is affiliated with and support it wholeheartedly, by purchasing many of the shoes :)


Deidrea - Hot Mama Gowns said...

TOTALLY.COMPLETELY.AWESOMESAUCE!!!! The mother of invention keeps going ;)

Rajean said...

Toe'd you so...I hope TOMS sees those little bugs and your phone starts to jingle CAUSE the mom/teacher/anyone who works with kids market won't know what hit them!

Susan said...

Yes!!! And I also vote for bigger kid sizes too. I'm so sad both my kids are too big for Monkey Toes

nicole / Twitter: BTHM1 said...

Oh yeah- I need a pair for my daughter's ladybug bday party!

Dari said...

I definitely vote for these shoes in bigger kids sizes - up to kid size 12 at least!